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The TRRS has projects on the go year-round.

Volunteers are always needed. Opportunities include everything from  strategic planning and direction through attending events with our display materials, monitoring and data entry, counting salmon and trout both leaving and entering the Tsolum to instream restoration projects and riparian planting.

Tsolum River Rainharvesting Project is moving forward - Bathymetric survey of Wolf Lake completed. This information wil let us utilize the stored water better - see below for more info (Rain Harvesting)


Biophysical Assessment of the Tsolum Watershed

With covering of the minsesite underway and an expected reduction  of copper leachate over the next few years our attention to the water quality and related issues that ...

Bank Stabilization Projects

Because run off is so significant in our watershed we see enormous swings in river flow levels with rain and snow melt events. During run off events the river can increase in ...

Rotary Screw Trap - Juvenile enumeration

Once the pink eggs have turned to fry at our hatchery and before they are released into the Tsolum River (approximately the end of March) we will be launching the rotary ...

Pink Sustainability Project

The Pink Sustainability Project is our enhancement project in the watershed. One of the most significant impacts of the pollution from the minesite was to reduce stocks but as ...

Smit-Forsythe Ceek Assessment and Restoration Project

Smit-Forsythe Creek is located on the east side of the Tsolum River and flows from two wetland areas known as Burns Marsh and Wildwood Marsh through about 30 properties to ...

Towhee Spawning Platforms

In mid-September when the fisheries window is open for instream works we will be building a final weir and placing spawning gravels at Towhee ...

Rain Harvesting Project

Tsolum River Augmentation Advisory meeting notes - Nov. 28,2008

Meeting Notes

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