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Tsolum River Restoration Society

 We have two jobs posted!

One for a Summer Student position and another permanent/Part-time Project Coordinator.


July 2 – August 31, 2014


·         have been a full-time student in the 2013/14 academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year;

·         be a Canadian citizen between 16 and 30 years of age;

·         Have a valid driver’s licence and own transportation

Hours of Work:

As required for 35 hours per week weekend and evening work required

Pay Rate: $13.25 per hour

For 8 weeks

Submit resume with references

Before June 9, 2014  By EMAIL to:

tsolumriver@shaw.ca or drop off in

outdoor mailbox at 2356 Rosewall

Crescent. Call Jack at 250-897-4670

For more information


Under the guidance of the Board of Directors and a Strategic Plan, the TRRS Project Coordinator oversees the projects and technical operations of the Society. The Project Coordinator works with the Board of Directors, Watershed Protection Committee chair, volunteers, contractors, partners and other staff.

1. The Project Coordinator, under the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors, through the President assumes the following duties and will carry them out as per prearranged time allocations:

  • Work with existing partners and continues to develop effective partnerships
  • Make and maintain positive contact with landowners
  • Lead and administer projects and watershed monitoring
  • Project proposal writing and reporting for
  • Work with the Administration and Membership Coordinator
  • Develops Job Descriptions, Contractor Contracts, Terms of Reference, Standard Operating Procedures and updates governance documents as required

2. The Project Coordinator will oversee activity, gather information and maintain records of the Tsolum River Society

3.The Project Coordinator will keep all records and information regarding the projects of the Society

4.The Project Coordinator will provide an update of all completed, ongoing and planned activities at each regular board meeting.

Contract Rate: $18 - $25 per hour depending on education and experience

Call Jack 250-897-4670 for more information

From "Mary"; a student studying water conservation came across this website. Please share...


Rotary Screw Trap is still Fishing.

An incredible year for pink numbers with several days counts over 20,000 fry. We estimate over 10 million fry went to the ocean from the Tsolum this year!

Numbers have dwindled and we are catching a few chum and a few coho smolts. Trout numbers have dropped off but we think this is due to low water and a slowly turning trap (not that they aren't there they are avoiding the trap successfully).

The Tsolum River is closed to all fishing year round due to special conservation values. Please see the "About TRRS" Page.

              WELCOME to our Website

Please contact us if you have information, questions, suggestions, ideas, photos or video that you would like to see posted

2013 inmigrating spawner numbers - 

Pinks 60,000, chum 1500 and coho 1500 

Some 35 volunteers were involved in a full count of the river during the pink run and our profound thanks go out to each and every one of you.

click here for Tsolum Legacy Video

For more information please call Jack at 250.897-4670 (please leave a message with your name and number if no answer) or email tsolumriver@shaw.ca

Excellent videos and films about the Tsolum River

by filmmaker Ed Homer

Click Here for Ed's full website

 Check out this link about Garry Oaks...

 Rainwater Management work being done by Convening for Action On Vancouver Island (CAVI) Check it out! Click Here

Click here to view the Latest Minesite Graph 

 Call 250.897-4670 

or email tsolumriver [at] shaw.ca or go to our "Contact Us" page

The Tsolum Celebrates Another Year in the Right Direction

Water Quality continues to improve, we are understanding the fish cycles better  and we have  small improvements in pink and coho salmon and cutthroat trout numbers.  In addition, banks continue to be stabilized, riparian zones replanted and our knowledgable membership grows with dedicated volunteers and landowners throughout the 260 sq. Km watershed.

Thanks to a $4.5 million dollar allocation of BC taxpayers money to remediate the old mine we have effectively seen the end of 44 years of acid rock drainage.

Now we tackle the next limiting factors to the health of the river and you can help! We are currently designing a series of studies to complete our Biophysical understanding and to create a baseline upon which to measure our successes as we move forward.

Motivated by the two highest flow events in the history of the Tsolum River (November 2009 and December 2010) that caused flooding in the City with roads closed, infrastructure threatened and residents unable to access their homes a report was commissioned by the City, RD and TimberWest. 


Click here for the report



Past News


Tsolum River Partnership wins Premier’s Award of Excellence for Innovation in Partnerships!

Click Here to see the video…



Full analysis of this and previous year’s numbers will be available soon – stay tuned.


SCOUT TREES 2011 Thursday April 7, 2011



3000 trees planted!


Click Here for the latest newsletter (Winter 2011)



 Independent Study of Tsolum Watershed Flooding Underway


See below "Tsolum In Flood - Highest flows ever recorded on Dec 24, 2010 at 278 Cubic Cms per second!"


 The GREAT FRY MOVE of 2011 went very well. 31 volunteers showed up and with all the suggestions and two trucks we were all done by 8:30 PM!



 The latest data from the minesite shows complete success to date! Not one reading has gone over target since the fall of 2009!

The Latest Media Release on the Minesite - Click Here



The hatchery was in serious flood over Christmas with the building flooded and creek water running freely into the raceways...







Tsolum In Flood - Highest flows ever recorded on Dec 24, 2010 at 278 Cubic Cms per second!

New Reach of the Tsolum River not only survived the flood waters but showed its mettle!


 After: Weir Feild installed

 Before; note active erosion  


 Tsolum in flood December 24, 2010 with Weir feild completely submerged: Note flow is well away from bank and where there was active erosion we now see quiet water





After the flood: note weirs all intact, no erosion occurred and we gained a piece of large woody debris

 Latest from the Minesite

The site is covered and ready to plant!
Woody debris had been spead on the site on top of the till and organic soils to prevent snowmobiles and ATV's from bombing all over the site tearing it up and for long-term organic material as the woody debris rots over time providing nutrients for revegetation.
Latest Video from the old mine site!


You are reminded that this site is an active mining operation and is OFF LIMITS to vistors! Trespassing charges will be laid. 

 Latest Data From Spectacle Lake Wetland has shown higher levels leaving than levels entering. This is not indicitive of poor performance but of lag time due to lower flows moving through very slowly. The higher levels from an earlier reading take so long to move through the wetland they are leaving at a time when lower levels have been recorded entering.









 ART CARDS and PRINTS Available

A wonderful set of art cards and prints are available from the TRRS. Featuring the fine photography of Father Charles Brandt these can be purchased by calling Willa Cannon at 250 337-8524                 

These are an ongoing fundraiser for the TRRS with all sales going to make fish, repair habitat and complete watershed planning

Latest News

Tsolum Celebrates this year!
With water quality back to normal, a run of 60,000 pinks and 2500 coho it is time for us to throw a party!
A free (voluntary donation/membership at door) family-friendly event ...

More Information

Breaking News - Posted by: Jack Minard on Saturday February 8, 2014 at 11:21 am

RST In water earliest ever!
Mergansers and Kingfishers are actively fishing in the River. This means the pink fry are on the move.
This is far earlier than just a few years ago as timings are changing it ...

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Breaking News - Posted by: Jack Minard on Saturday February 8, 2014 at 11:02 am


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